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As I watched the Grammy broadcast the other night, I thought it was a pretty entertaining and overall not very offensive.  Then came Nicki Minaj… Her performance (pre-recorded and live) was disturbing and disrespectful.  From the opening scene with her acting quite odd in a mock confessional, it was obvious we were headed downhill.  Then came a prerecorded clip called the Exorcism of Roman that had a mother asking a priest for help with her son.  “He’s not right”, she says.  The priest goes upstairs and is confronted by Nicki, who quickly scurries up a wall to the ceiling.  Very disturbing.  Then the live show started again.  The stage was made to look like a Catholic church or cathedral and soon was full of dancers dressed like everything from altar boys to even a Pope or Cardinal.  As a they portray an exorcism, scantily clad dancers perform ‘lap dances’ for kneeling altar boys.  The confusing mixture of symbolism was unsettling.  It ends with an apparent unsuccessful exorcism as Ms. Minaj still ‘floated’ high off the ground.

Now let’s set the record straight… I understand some will insist this is just an example of artistic expression and no big deal.  Well, I disagree.  There has been a growing trend over the past few decades of more and more negative portrayal of the Catholic Church in the entertainment business.  I feel much of it is hate-driven and intended to hurt.  Many will justify this by making uneducated statements regarding priests being pedophiles.  Yes, a very small percentage (less than one percent) were found to be involved in this inexcusable behaviour.  I understand the Church mishandled the situation, but remember the Church is made up of humans and humans make mistakes.  Yes the guilty parties should have been handled in a more appropriate manner (like turning them over to the police right away), but it happened and we can only move forward and put as many controls in place to see this is not repeated.  However, for people to make the awful equation ‘priest=pedophile’ is just as wrong of a stereotype as saying all Irish are drunks (I deliberately used a lesser example because I can’t even bring myself to type out many of the other that are out there).  Stereotypes lead to prejudice and that is unacceptable.

The way the Catholic Church is portrayed in the entertainment business is a terrifying trend.  When our children’s pop heroes or favorite movies portray the Catholic Church in this manner, it can certainly impact impressionable minds.  Beyond that, it’s just plain hateful.  In a day when sterotypes against other faiths, races and sexual orientation are rightfully fought against, why is okay and ‘hip’ to bash Catholics?  I’ll tell you why… because it’s still entertaining to feed Christians (in this case Catholics) to the lions.  Sad but true…