As a devote Roman Catholic, I am amazed at how popular and accepted the bashing of Catholics and other Christians has become.  Nobody bats an eye when the media or entertainment industry uses Christian imagery in a negative light.  The hateful comments and actions have become vogue and not just accepted, but almost expected.  Although I cannot stop this behavior, I do not have to sit by quietly and take it.

This blog is not going to call out instances of disrespect and bashing of Catholics and Christians in general.  Not in a hate-filled and vicious way, but in a factual challenge to those who think it’s fine to do this.  I don’t expect many positive responses from those who find it amusing to bash us, but at least I can offer a forum for the opposing view.

I will welcome guest bloggers to submit entries including ones from the offending parties (if they are brave enough to intelligently explain their view).  However, I will always review the entries and reserve the right to censor anything hateful of vulgar.  Why would I allow this?  Because if we are going to put an end to the hate, we need to find common ground or at least try. Unfortunately, I don’t think this will change things very much. This is more about empowering myself and others to feel like they have a voice.  If some meaning full dialogue comes from it and even one mind is changed, well that would be wonderful.

It’s sad to say folks, but 2,000 years later they are still feeding Christians and Christianity to the lions…


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